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Were any of you visiting a therapist at 21? Have any of you at all, at any point in your life regularly seen a therapist?

Also for the lady asking what happened with my engagement. I didn't get married. Mainly because of drugs and alcohol and how it effected our relationship. Something I want to help her stay off of and I have been off of for a long time. Also I didn't have much stability and relied too much on my exfiance's help. Now I am my own man and ready to take care of someone else.

Lots of people who waited until later in their lives to get married still got divorces. It means nothing. I think statistics show that actually the longer you wait to get married the less likely it is to succeed.

Someone said I don't know yet what she can offer me. I don't know she can offer me companionship? She is now already. And someone told me to get a dog. Really? lol I think people just don't want me to even try to be with her but that's too bad. I don't have a lot of high standards besides her not having a kid and not drinking or doing drugs. (Which in today's world is high standards). A lot of men aren't really picky and just want an attractive woman to be by their side. I don't even care if she works or not along with a lot of other things.

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