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I just want to point out, too, kind of unrelated to the topic but I think relevant to what we're talking about....some parts of the country here in the U.S. (and of course different parts of the world too) have different standards and expectations and ways of life as far as love and marriage go.

What may seem odd to me living in Los Angeles (people committing young and staying, it does happen, but it happens a lot less.....) may be perfectly normal somewhere else.

So, in the interest of facilitating a positive direction in this conversation...I'd just caution everyone to remember that how things work in one place as far as love, money, gender roles, etc.....may not be the case in another place.

Carry on!

-Your friendly moderator (LOL!)

P.S. My BA degree is in Sociology (UC Irvine, 2007) so I get technical about these kinds of things sometimes. #CollegeBoy
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