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Originally Posted by Onetruemisfit View Post
Alright guys and gals! It's 4:30 am here. Just woke up after the night from our first visit. I'm still floating haha! The visit was better than I could have imagined. I even got a couple of kisses at the end! She had eaten skittles as well so her lips tasted fruity! Haha it was amazing.

When I got there the visitor parking lot was basically empty. I went in and started the sign in process. Had 2 forms of ID and had to fill out a paper saying that I was not a convicted felon, haven't been to prison and don't work at a prison. I put some money on a vending machine card that I can reuse and I still have money on it currently. There was a machine that you used to load money on the card.

When I had to sign a sign in sheet it asked for my license plate #. I didn't have it memorized so had to go back out and look at it and come back in. I arrived at 4pm like I wanted but didn't get to actually go in to see her until about 4:30. Not bad. Staff was very friendly! No rudeness at all. All throughout the visit.

I was amazed at how clean and modern the facility was. I had looked up pictures of visiting rooms on google and expected it to be run down and dirty. Not what I expected! Pleasantly surprised. No one was in the visiting room when I arrived. She wanted me to sit next to the vending machines so I did. They had tables to sit at. They had a lot of vending machines there. Coffee, Ice Cream, Soda, Snacks, Sandwiches, Salads etc. Just about everything you could imagine. I was surprised at that too. They may have had 8 vending machines or so all together. Along with microwave with condiments.

She came in and she wanted a hug and she sat down. Throughout the night she ate skittles, raisinets, and a big texas cinnamon bun. Also had a mountain dew and a cherry pepsi. I had about $22 for her to use on the card and still have around 15 left.

It used a little over a half a tank of gas to visit her as well.

We talked a lot. Other people sat next to us. The guard wasn't very far. I thought wow no privacy but I got more comfortable pretty quickly. I asked if she wanted to play any games. They had a lot of stuff to choose from. They have movies you can watch etc. I wanted checkers but couldn't find it. Thought about playing guess who lol but grabbed a deck of cards instead. Need to brush up on learning some games for next time. I couldn't remember how to play much so I showed her 21, 5/7 card draw and War. lol She didn't know any card games except spades which she learned inside. Next time we might play rummy or go fish.

I stayed there for 3 1/2 hours. I stayed until closing. There ended up being people on the other side of us as well. So we were sandwiched between other visitors. Wasn't too annoying though. Everyone wanted next to the vending machines. lol.

I did get a shakedown before I went in as well. Had to put my 2 forms of ID and car key into a locker before I entered. I could only go into the visiting room with locker key and vending machine card. They had me take off my shoes before the shakedown and they were inspected. I wore checkered vans slip ons and made it much easier. I had no jewelry, no belt or anything like that.

At the end of the night it was me and her and another inmate. The guard took the other inmate out first. I was at one end of the room waiting to be let out and the girl I saw as at the other end. We kind of looked back at each other and she said she wants a kiss. So we walked and met in the middle of the room. We kissed and she said she wanted to kiss again so we did a second time. Then we went back.

I stood at the door waiting to be let out. The guard was buzzing it. I wasn't sure that I was supposed to exit on my own so I took longer to leave than I should have. lol

This visit made me want to ease up on her a bit. I'm sure that I'm still going to be mentioning sobriety to her a lot and trying to push her in certain directions but maybe I can be more patient. She's going to be in there a while. After more and more visits, maybe she will trust me more. I'm not going to stop being me.

I'll go back in a couple of weeks for sure! Maybe sooner if I come up with the money, just depends never know. For sure I plan to visit her once every payday, which means twice a month.

Oh she also said had a nice ass. Is that a good thing? Lmao

I don't want to start more controversy really but I was thinking and... to those of you who think I am trying to control her or force her to do things for her sobriety...

Does that mean you disagree with interventions? Where people try to convince someone to go to rehab?
Idk its goood to hear the visit went well I suppose . Id give it more time because she could be just playing the game really good to keep her funds coming now & when shes released. Her behavior in person the way you described doesnt match with the way she seemed lukewarm in the letters but it could go either way just keep your eyes open really listen to what shes saying in the not exciting moments and everyday letters/calls .
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