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I was a meth addict from 15-19 years old. I can guarantee this young lady at 21 is in no way able to know what she wants. This is a woman who just got sober, itís a huge Dos service to her to try and make her commit at this point. $50 every two weeks is no where near a lot of money l, nor would it afford her an extravagant life style. Even less extravagant if she is using that for phone calls too. I wrote my mwi for 10 months before he got out we never met in person. For six months I sent him $200 a month We never committed to each other until he got out. I sent a human being that was down money because I could and I grew to care about him as a person. I didnít send it as a deposit on a promise I expected him to deliver when he got out. It bothers me that you ďalmostĒ stopped sending her money because she wasnít behaving the way you liked. This is a 21 year old (prob a lot less in age mentally and emotionally due to her drug use). A 21 year old that got sober in prison (which she has never been to before). You are a 31 year old MAN with som sobriety. Give her a break and back off you do sound creepy and believe me I donít normally agree with most people on here. You need to call your sponsor on this subject and get some advice.
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