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I want to help her with her recovery if she is willing to heed to my advice. (Going to AA, church, getting therapy etc.)
If she's serious about recovery, she needs to do it her way and in her own time. Bribery and manipulation (I'll do "this for you" if you'll do "that") just won't cut it. My daughter was a pain pill / heroin addict for over 10 years, now clean for almost 3 years. It was a long, very difficult journey. When she chose to leave the life it was on her terms, and she succeeded only because it was her choice to succeed. Recovery cannot be forced or coerced.

Any penpal who expects a prisoner to write them without at least funding them with some money for envelopes, paper and pens I think is lame.
My Mr & I are MWI (2006)...we didn't meet through a pen pal website, but through a friend. He never asked for a plug nickel and the only money I sent was $20 after he had surgery and couldn't work for a couple of weeks.

Stop 2nd guessing motives and letting "what-ifs" dictate your behavior. Take a step back, relax, accept it for what it is now and just let things flow naturally.

I hope your visit was full of chatter & smiles, not questions & ultimatums

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