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Default Been writing a girl, visiting soon

Okay folks, let’s tone it down here a bit please. I think people have spoken their minds and hearts on their concerns about the situation (myself included) and OP has expressed his thoughts. Remember that our community purpose is support. Yes, sometimes that includes constructive criticism. I think a couple of posts are starting to border on the territory of “piling on” and I don’t think that’s supportive.

Please recall our community purpose:

“The purpose of the Prison Talk Online community is Prisoner & Family Support, Information and Assistance. While we welcome people with other view points seeking to learn more, anything beyond friendly questions will NOT be tolerated. PTO is not a forum open to debating whether or not anyone should be in prison, should prisoners and their families have rights, etc. Anyone who is hostile to our purpose will be immediately blocked from the community and all of their posts will be deleted. This will be the ONLY WARNING and no notice will be given.”
Now I am not going to start handing out bans and blocks (not here to scare and make threats, just want to bring us back under a little more control....I’m just copying the purpose verbatim...), but I do want to kind of point out that I think this thread is starting to move away from that purpose a little. Please be mindful of why we are here.

The OP has received a good amount of feedback. In my opinion.....the most important thing for him to do right now, regardless of what we may think of all the specifics he’s discussed, is to actually visit with her and see what sort of connection is or is not there. I wish him the best of luck in that and hope that he has a good visit. I also hope he remains objective, regardless of his feelings, and assesses whatever may happen during that visit in an objective fashion.

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