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Originally Posted by Marseille View Post
This is so creepy and offputting. Youíre trying to purchase her affection and commitment and you clearly will have a problem with it if she doesnít complete her end of the transaction. Hereís the thing though... this isnít a contract. Sheís under no obligation to be your girlfriend or give you a chance in any way whatsoever, no matter what you give her. No matter how much you give her. No obligation. None.

Also... I never said the television shows were romanticizing prison relationships. I said YOU were, because you are titillated by what you see on tv. Itís ok... you definitely arenít the first guy (or girl) on this forum who has a prison fetish and a savior complex wrapped into one. Iím just observing that you are in a pretty damn typical situation here, and the outcome is rarely what you went looking for. Whatever though, youíve got it all figured out.
I agree with you 100%. I want to lead this kick-ass life he's got going on! This absolutely screams controlling and naive. A girl whose been down DEFINITELY wants to be told what to do from a guy she isn't sure of yet. Love it.
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