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It’s creepy because you expect something of her in return for your cash gifts and paying for her therapy. You quite explicitly stated that you feel she would owe it to you to stay in your area because you will be supporting her for 9 months. You insist you know what’s best for her and since you want to pay for it, you got upset with her when she suggested she might not want to fall in line with your program. Sorry, it’s creepy and controlling. You’ve got no right to tell her what’s best for her. You don’t even know her. Give her all the money you want, but stop making it sound like that entitles you to plan her treatment or interfere with her life in any fashion.
I'm not expecting her to be with me. I'm expecting her to make a decision. It's not right to have me hanging on a string. As I said before, she makes it sound like we are dating or will be sometimes and then says that we are just friends. She also told her grandma that we arent dating now because we haven't even met yet.

I can't tell her what I think is best, but you're telling me what you think is best. Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.

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