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I don't know about the "creepy" side, but I do know that if she is saying "much love" that REALLY sounds friend-zone'ish.

I would also think that if I am sending letters to someone that as a courtesy I would send a few stamps for return but that is a courtesy done for free will and not to expect "I send 3 stamps I get three return letters"....

All this information leads me to believe you are walking into the friend-zone. She is going to say thanks and move on, I mean if you show her you are weak, she will respect that position and carry on in life. I mean in prison they are living among that whole paradigm aren't they? The weak get used and left to the side all day long there, so being on the out and hanging on a thread is substantially weak and the prison culture does not encourage hanging on to weak souls.

But who's to say, just don't hang on everything and understand that what you do, doesn't warrant any response or reciprocation. Everything I do for my girl, is given and not expected to be reciprocal. I let it go as soon as I send the note, press the deposit button, pick up the phone, purchase the whatever. Its all out of free will... Because I love her, its not a business exchange.
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