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Okay so I want to make the point that she talks about me to her grandma and brother during their visits. I have added her brother on xbox live and we play games together and get along well. He also came to my work to visit me. I know this doesn't guarantee anything but it does seem to show that I mean something to her.

As far as giving her space, yes and I want to help her with her recovery if she is willing to heed to my advice. (Going to AA, church, getting therapy etc.) Me follow her back into drugs? No. I'll never do that again. My sobriety is important to me.

I did try messaging her on Facebook before she went to prison and she didn't respond but that doesn't mean much. She was messed up at that time, probably didn't know who I was, she may have not of even see then message. I have no idea. I don't think that says much. I'm focused on the here and now.

As far as stopping giving her money, I almost did when she said that she wants to be single for a year. I think she was just upset at me. I'm not sure. I know that she gets at least some money from her grandma. I'm pretty sure she does anyhow. But I have been in jail and I know how important it is to have some money on your books. I don't want to stop supporting her. I make sure that I take care of myself financially as well. She won't take me to the cleaners. Anything I send her is my own choice. Bills, savings etc come fist on my part and then what I have left and decide to give I give.

She has given mixed signals as far as us dating/not dating. I think it makes since though because we haven't even really met and talked in person yet. That's what I'm really excited for the visit. It may be easier to tell how this could go from there. I don't expect her to want to be with me without even interacting with me in person much.

Part of me just wanted to get to know her and build a relationship and we have been doing that so it's totally worth it. At the same time, when she said things like she wanted to be single for a year and she wanted to move far away after being released that bothered me. Part of the reason for her saying that stuff could be because I told her I was seeing a girl when I first wrote her. Yet we were only friends. I wasn't officially dating any one. She seems to want me to be committed to her without her being committed to me. I think she had no right to be upset about me being with someone when I first started talking to her. I know that she has bad mental habits that she needs to work on. Dealing with problems etc.

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