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Missing my baby

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He's both he's a hard ass and the biggest softie in the world. He hasn't cried on the phone with me or at visits but he has in front of me before all of this. He's admitted to me several times that he's cried from many things while he's in there. We try and keep our calls, letters and visits upbeat. If there is a touch or hard or emotional subject we deal with them but i think we want so much to be able to enjoy every minute of (especially our visits and calls)it that we try not to let stuff get to us. I'm really bad, once I start crying it's hard to stop and I can't talk or anything so the last thing I want is to have a visit like that lol. We've got a marriage seminar coming up and will be able to spend 3 days together and the whole seminar I'm sure will be very emotional but I'm looking forward to it.
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