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Really??? Uggghhhhhh

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Zelda--they never gave him any notification that the pictures had arrived. It has been about a month now. In the past, I have sent him books that were rejected and they gave him a rejection slip and sent the books back. However, this whole incident surrounding the pics are completely LUDACRIS to me!!! He told me that a similar situation happened to his celly; his wife sent him some pics and the mailroom held them for 2 months before he finally went to the mailroom and inquired on the photos. Thats when the mailroom staff took the photos out of a rejected bin that they have and he ripped up the pics. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Tolong--THANK YOU!!!! I have been up to BS (yes its BS for both ) 3 times and I am planning another trip in 2 weeks. I always stay at the Super 8 but this time, I am going to have to economize (aka I am broke) and stay at the Haven for $25 a night! He has another 5 years so we are jumpin the broom while he's in jail and then having another wedding when he comes home!
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