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Originally Posted by missingdee View Post
Thought for Today: Real recovery involves healing not just for the addict/alcoholic/substance abuser, but for those who care about them.
My husband and I were talking about how we both felt like this lock up was meant to happen not just to help him but me as well. I was so lost in trying to save him from his own monster that I forgot to care for myself. Iíve never been an addict but grew up with addict parents. Iíve always been the savior. His addiction was never so bad before. There came a point I knew there was nothing I could do so I gave up. Gave up on everything. I was pregnant and lost focus of my baby. Never eating or sleeping. Constantly stressed about when I would be getting another call from jail saying heís been picked up again. A month of in and out of jail before they finally just kept him in there.
Itís been 6 months since heís been in prison and Iíve finally started focusing on myself. Heís helped me to treat myself better and open my eyes that I need to love myself as well and remember to simply breathe

We are both healing together.
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