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Default One Day At A Time: Inspirations

In an effort to deliver more value to this board, I am going to start to make daily (or as close to it as I can, schedule allowing) posts with thoughts, quotes, short stories if applicable, and inspirations. I welcome others to also post their thoughts as well.

There is one guideline I request we all follow: be respectful of the experience of others. Take what you can use, leave what you cannot. We have plenty of other threads for helping other members, levying (hopefully constructive) criticism, and giving thoughts. I would like this thread, specifically, to be a place where we help and take care of ourselves. In the spirit of NarAnon...which states, loosely in our meetings, that this should be a place where we take care of ourselves because we spend so much time caring for others. In our groups, we understand that when a member speaks, they speak for themselves, and not the collective. Although I am not involved with AlAnon, their mission and purpose are very similar.

Thought for Today: Real recovery involves healing not just for the addict/alcoholic/substance abuser, but for those who care about them. Sometimes that care needs to come even if the person in our lives who we see struggling does not care for themselves, as it is good for us to remember that care is needed for those who struggle with coping with the effects of their struggles on us. Real healing is a slow process. We take life one day at a time when the idea of looking beyond that becomes too overwhelming. We must be strong within ourselves. We cannot care for our loved ones if we do not first care for ourselves.
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