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In the short run, the fastest way to find a place to live is to go to the sex offender registry online and type in the zip code of a given part of town you want to reside. It'll pull up everyone in that area. What you want to look for are addresses that have an apt # or an apt letter beside them. That tells you that in all probability it's a rental property that leases to felons. Alot of these places don't want to advertise or be on the radar in terms of assisting us. I'm not an S.O., but where this issue is concerned most often I know that where they can go, I can go.
In the long run, you find the best places to live by rubbing elbows with people in recovery like A.A., N.A. or any number of fellowships that deal with recovery. Church is also a good place to consider. I know a guy in the Dallas area about 10 years who because of his association and devotion to the church literally moved into a $100,00 home in a more than decent neighborhood and took up house payments that were less than $300 a month.
No matter what denomination you are or for that matter what religion, there are people that truly want to help us and see us do. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.
The housing dilemma for a felon can look scary in the beginning when you get out, but the bottom line is there's too help out here not to make it. It may not happen in 15 minutes, but it'll happen if a man or woman in our shoes stays the course and stays on top of their priorities. Hope this helps
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