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Originally Posted by LightningStrike View Post
I often think to myself what can I give rather than what can I get from a friendship. I find that these things make the friendship even stronger.
onedayatatime13 "I find when people need you they are around, but when they dont or you cant do for them they disappear."

I've had the same one friend for 17years now because I have given up on keeping/making friends with a busy working mom schedule. And the facts mentioned above. I used to be the type to give my "friends" anything and everything. I was the one who always had money and people knew that. Whether it be buying them something, supporting emotionally or having there back. I was that reliable person anyone could call on. It only hit me one night when I had a major depressive episode, called everyone in my phone to help me and not ONE came to my side. Then I stopped being the giving friend and slowly watched those "friends" not talk to me anymore.

I do agree with that wave length thing you said. The only reason I still have that one friend of mine is because we both understand life gets busy and we cant always meet. Weeks or months go by and its ok when we say we are busy or just flat out don't want company, we understand.
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