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I dream A LOT, and some of the dreams are insane - dunno if that says something about me Sometimes I hang out with random celebrities, which is hilarious because I certainly do not think of any of them...maybe my subconscious just picks up very easily if I see a headline or something in the news. Then again, sometimes I have horrible nightmares or keep having dreams of my late family members for weeks on end..... Then sometimes it's completely random and weird; couple of nights ago I had this dream that I was walking on the street of my hometown and saw a yellow bicycle without anyone actually riding it; it was riding on its on In the dream I said to my sister, wow, look at that bike....and then later on I saw the bike in a different spot and it started riding towards me and it felt like a threat in the dream, ya know, in a Carrie sorta way
So yup, I have a totally mental parallel life going on at night

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