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Default *frustrated noises*

Hey everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker, but I joined and activated so I can answer... there was a fight that broke out between three inmates (two vs one) which sent the prison into lockdown Friday June 1 evening local time. Prison staff isolated and contained the situation and the one prisoner was treated at a local hospital and has since been returned to Atwater. Apparently they are lockdown pending an FBI investigation.
This is my first lockdown with my fella, so I'm not sure how long they typically last if a CO was not harmed or the public was not in danger. Can anyone give any input as to how long we can expect this lockdown to last? I was planning on visiting my fella this summer, but it's an international trip (flight, hotel car rental not to mention time off work...) and looking at USP Atwater history they seem to lockdown all the time...
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