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Thank for this thread because we all need a place to share the good things about our relationships. I have known this man all my life and I have loved him for most of that time. I won't lie and say this life is easy because it's not but being secure in our relationship makes it doable. We share everything joys, sorrows, fears. And no it's not perfect because Dee's a grump and his girl is a firecracker :-) but we treat each other with love and respect at all times. No one can make me angrier than Dee but no one can calm me like Dee. I have never felt more loved and cherished than I do when he looks at me. The way he speaks to me and of me shows how important I am in his life. We meet each other's needs so we don't need to turn to anyone else. He is truly my best friend because I can share every part of me with him without fear of judgment. I never have to fear asking him any question and he never takes me for granted. We trust each other and never assume the worse. I believe he would never purposely hurt me and he has the same belief. We don't play the blame game and I don't believe he owes me because I CHOSE to finish this bid with him. We realize we are both blessed to have each other. When we reunited he already knew me better than anyone else but because he is in prison we have had the opportunity to learn each other on a deeper level. Of course I wish he wasn't in prison but I believe it worked for our good. We love each other but sometimes love is not enough there has to be a foundation. I believe if we can make it through this we can make it through whatever the outside world has for us. Through the years he's always been there whether we were a couple or not, one phone call and he was there. We have stood beside each other through fights, illnesses, deaths, and now prison. We're unbreakable. I tell him all the time, it's us against the world just like it's always been. I wake up everyday wishing he was physically here, even though he's not, I'm still filled with joy because what we have is real.

Thank you Patty
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