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Originally Posted by mominlove View Post
Hey all! lockdown started on Wen. right after lunch. I got a letter that he was writting then and he said he had to go they had a early recall. When I didnt get a call Wen night I called up there and was told the facility was in lockdown. When I got the letter it made me so sad because he seemed to be in such good spirits and then to know it was Sat and they were still in lockdown!! Sunday they finally let them out to thier units to shower and make phone calls. I got to speak with him just a few minutes and he said it was over people being found with cell phones. How could someone even sneak in a cell phone is what I wonder. I mean lord the searches during visitation and all. Someone must be creative. But now it is Monday 2:30 and no word so I guess lockdown hasnt been lifted yet!

Thanks for the update! I know I was really worried!
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