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Originally Posted by Lovesickgirl View Post
Yeah, it was difficult to get the NCO modified and heís in seg for violating it by calling me. He got a separate booking for sending me letters using someone elseís name for a return address. I canít take anymore time away from him. The letters into and out of seg are so slow! He went 2 weeks with no mail! I know at least 2 other people wrote him and he hasnít gotten those either.
I had those exact ideas of writing a day and time to look out. I know they read all my mail but his outgoing is not read, currently.
He said he got a break on second booking with time served but then he heard from a CO that it wasnít processed right and now he is in until Dec 7!
His birthday is Nov 26, I just sent some books through Amazon. They are used so I hope it still goes through!!
You have an NCO? Of course he is being scrutinized.Everything, esp is you all have history of not being able to follow rules.
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