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Originally Posted by Lovesickgirl View Post
My husband is currently in seg at the RI ACI. He said he can see the highway from his room and often looks out there for my car. Could I park and put up a sing? would they com after me? has anyone had any luck doing this? I would do anything to make him happy and any for of contact! thanks for any tips...
Yeah, I thought it was a good idea too....until I parked in a church lot across the street from the jail, sat on the hood of my car and held up an "I Love You" sign. It did not go over well with the Sheriff. Luckily, he didn't lock me up, but he did read me the riot act, made me get in the car & leave the area. The No-Contact order may have had something to do with it though

All in all, whether you have a no-contact order or not, it may be frowned upon by the facility.

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