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Hello everyone. My name is Karen. I have lived in Missouri all my life.My fiance is also from Missouri, and we grew up about an hour apart. We didn't meet, however, until the beginning of last year. I have 5 wonderful children, to add to his 7. We will be living in southwest Missouri when he gets out.

My fiance is doing time in Farmington Correctional Center. He is supposed to be coming home June 2018, but recently got sent to the hole and is still under investigation. I am hoping he still makes his conditional release date, as I do not want him to be in there any longer than he has to be. I never imagined I would fall so deeply in love with someone, but here we are. He and I are planning on getting married just a few months after his release.
We loved with a love that is more than love. -Edgar Allen Poe

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