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Hello everyone
My name is Derick and I am new to this site and I am from Missouri. I am an ex Con. My charges were Property damage in the first with a 4 yr term and a Arson in the 2nd with a 5yr SIS. I have recently become unemployed,and in past years that wasnt really a big deal but it seems now it is even harder to find work with a felony on your record. I have always either done sales jobs or manual labor but my sales is limited due to it was a small family business in small engine. I havent been in trouble since 2002 and all my time has been done since 2007 but even so I am still being punished. I dont understand our justice system,I havent been in trouble in so many years but yet it still causes such an issue. I feel like I am being punished for a mistake I made for the rest of my life. Well anyway I wanted to introduce myself to everyone else here. If you have any advice for me it is more than welcome.
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