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The calling card I had gotten was 800 number so that was a waste. I just have cell phone now and out of state calls are expensive, especially if collect. I am hoping his father, who lives in Palm Beach, will get a calling card for him with 561 area code. If not I will look on line.. Thanks for u r help.
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At Ft. Pierce WRC, they can use calling cards. However, it CANNOT be an 800 number. I don't know why it matters but I do know that people have been able to buy calling cards online that have a local area code. I never looked after I found out how cheap a call was. I'm not sure why he wouldn't be able to call out of state. I live out of the county and my guy can call me collect. If he just got there, give it a few days and the other guys will let him know how things work.
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