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I am going back to visit my fiance this weekend so I will update afterwards. He told me we are allowed to bring games and toys for the kids. The dress code is the same. I know there's a lot of questions about fiances being sponsors so I will update this thread with that info too. His roomate has a fiance that he's been with for 10 years and they have a kid together. He said all he had to do was have her contact the Major and explain their situation. Then she was approved. I live with my mom and I have no criminal record. My fiance's family lives in Indiana. We have known each other for 12 years and have been together for 4 years. He has a son who he had custody of before he went away because the mom is addicted to drugs. We asked the judge if I can bring his son to see him and they won't let him out of the county. He hasn't seen his dad in 1 1/2 years. I currently have his son every other weekend for a day. If his dad can't come home, he won't see him for another 14 months. My fiance sent a request to the Major explaining our situation and the Major wrote back "have her send in the paperwork and I'll review it". My mom is also writing a letter to the Major for us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, I'll post when I get approved or denied.
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