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I'm trying to find out which support programs and/or foundations or transition houses we could start contacting ahead of my fiancÚ's release. He'll be eligible for parole early next year and we want to be prepared, just in case. What makes this challenging is that I am in Europe and he doesn't really have local I am trying to do the best I can in helping him from afar. I can of course use Google and gather a list that way; just figured maybe someone on here has personal experience and recommendations for good places. Neither one of us really has the financial means for an expensive program - we're trying to find something that would offer him a chance at life without ending out on the streets.

I found a place called Rescue a Life in Los Angeles; how does it normally work though - would you need to be released to LA county in order to even be considered for a program there? My fiancÚ will parole to Riverside county - so is that county our only option?

I'll start doing some research and will post any useful information on here too...but your advice would be very welcome!

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