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Originally Posted by DGO1224 View Post
Really?? It's that bad?? Not good at all. I'm sure this lock down is so long to teach them a lesson not to assault CO.
In my opinion it is; My brother did 9 years at Jesup FCI and there was rarely issues and even when he moved to Yazoo it wasn't this crazy.. I just see so many differences from the pen and the camps.. My fiancÚ has been at Lee since December and they've had a lot of (short) lockdowns; he said before he got there somebody threw scalding water on a CO and they lost the microwaves because of it.. I'm not saying they're in the right but there's obviously issues there..I agree with you though, they shouldn't have assaulted a CO but I don't think everybody should have to be continually punished because of a couple dummies plus causing us to suffer lol
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