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Originally Posted by xolady View Post
I guess you haven't been really exposed to more then what you have read here or what you have personally learned everyone's parole is different.
Apparently so. I'm just thinking back to the last (only) time I accepted parole, all of us new releases had to show up at the P&P office for orientation on a Wednesday night. I remember it well. For me, it was literally the day after I had been released from prison.

Before the meeting even began, the agent doing the presentation said "I smell alcohol on someone's breath -- someone better fess up or you're ALL getting tested before you leave." Sure enough, no one fessed up, so he had one of his assistants fetch a breathalyzer kit, and one by one, we all had to line up on our way out, and give a quick blow into the device.

Two people blew positive. They had both just gotten out of prison less than a week before. They were both placed in cuffs and arrested back to jail that very night, I saw them show up on the local sheriff's department arrest register and everything.

I just assumed that was the norm everywhere, but maybe it's just an Idaho thing.
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