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Originally Posted by Morris1
OK. Now I am a little confused. The overcrowding in all the documentation "Little Hoover Report" and such specify parole violations and non-violent areas of the prisons are the ones in the gyms and hallways. My son is a level 3 at Ironwood and there is no overcrowding on the higher levels. He is 2 to a cell. It exists on the mosty 2 yard I believe. Maybe it depends on the facility. From what my son told me about reception, Delano it was like sardines. Many are transferring out but equally or more keep transferring in. Wasn't the Chino riot not too long ago a lower level? That was my understanding. Someone who knows that prison please comment.

I think that the riot at Chino was on a low level yard,these days that don't mean nothing. When my friend got moved to Susanville from N.K.S.P they housed him on a level 3 yard before he got moved and he was classified as level 1.