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Personally I believe that they need to release all the non-violent, parole violators (non violent violations) sick and elderly. Once they do this, the pressure will be off. Most of the overcrowding is Level 1 and 2. Then they need to revamp the parole system, put a sentencing commission in place and fix the sentencing guidelines in this state. Sentences need to fit the crimes. Get rid of these new laws that only create more law enforcement jobs and cost the state billions of extra tax dollars. They could easily reduce the percentages on many doing 85% and it would cause no harm to the public. I would also like to see them offer Military service to many of these young men. They need direction in their lives. They can pay their debt by serving their country. My son would have taken that in a heartbeat. I would also like to see the Governor make a deal with large manufacturing corporations through-out the state to take on training and hiring of parolees. The reason many go back is that they can't find employment. Give them a tax break. It's all about money. Done! No more overcrowding. See how easy. I should be Governor!


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