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Unless its been changed recently, Texas DR inmates (all inmates in TDCJ) can receive jpay messages, but not send them. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me

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EDIT: Mr. Reed is scheduled to be executed November 20th....nine days. So many people believe in his innocence that there are politicians, actors and a petition signed by 2 million+ that call for a halt of the execution. Here is a current article that tells of attempts to get the execution stayed yet again:

Texas is about to execute Rodney Reed for murder. His lawyers say someone else confessed to the crime

Stacey Stites was 19 years old and weeks from her wedding day when she failed to show for her early-morning shift at a grocery store in a small Texas town on April 23, 1996. Her partially clothed body was found the same day in the tangled brush alongside an unpaved road, her work name tag resting in the crook of her leg.

Twenty-three years later, the state of Texas is preparing to execute the man convicted of raping and strangling the soon-to-be-bride. Rodney Reed, 51, has been in prison since 1998 and was moved to death row over the summer. He is scheduled to die by lethal injection on Nov. 20.

Read entire article below:

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