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Originally Posted by Taralynn214 View Post
I am not an enabler, I will not cover for you, lie for you, pass the blame or be the victim.
I know the addiction games and I know them well, If you try and play them on me I will shut you down in no time. I mastered the art of manipulation and blame shifting, I was the victim of all victims.

I will not keep your addiction a secret, I will not pretend that you are okay when you are not. I will not clean up your mess, I will not fix your mistakes, I will not shield you from the pain that you need to feel.

You are a human being, you are an addict, you make mistakes, your struggle is real, I will not lie to you and say that sobriety will be easy.

I will not condone your actions or mistakes, those are your burdens to carry and Im quite sure that burden is heavy enough. I will not support your effort to avoid answering for your crimes. I will understand your struggle, your confusion, and the fear you have.

I understand because I have been where you are, I remember the fear, the panic, and regret. I remember thinking that I was too far gone to save so why try, I remember feeling so completely lost and alone, I had nobody that I could open up to. I needed to be able to say I was an addict, I needed to own it and accept it so that I could begin to process it and ultimately end it.

My struggle is over, I made it.
Thank you. This is such a great message and really hits home with me and what I have been through with my son. Would you consider posting it on the parent's forum? I think there are a lot of parents there who need to hear this message as well, but they often don't stray from that forum and may not see your post.

Congratulations on making it. I don't know you, but I'm very proud of you!
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