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You may want to ask this question on the state specific forums.
Not all prisons/jails are the same.
When my fiancÚ was in Florida county jail- I had to put money on an account with one company. He could call as long as there was money on the account. (You could use a prepaid debit for this)

When he was moved to Florida DOC/prison- I had to set up an account and put money on it with a different phone provider- securus. You could also use a prepaid debit card for this. HOWEVER he could not call me until I sent in a copy of my phone bill to the prison.(landline because my cell phone is not a contract phone) The whole process took about six weeks.

I am not sure where your man is but the rules may be different so ask in the state forum and you should be able to find out exactly what you need to do.
Also- check the jail/prison website regarding phone policy.

The prepaid debit card just works like a credit card. You put money on it and you make a payment through the phone carrier.
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