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Originally Posted by D_k_w View Post
He doesn't have a cell phone, his friend let's him use his before dinner. And he doesn't use it every day but now I haven't got a call in 2 days I'll probably get one today or tomorrow. So you would pass on someone if they have their own phone? Why is that?
He does have a phone, it's called renting it even if the actual phone belongs to someone else. Cell phone time is never free and is being paid by someone so he's either kicking in for it or on the hook for a favor.

I would pass because I know more now than I did at your stage of the game. I would pass because I know that I need a man who can color inside the lines both in prison and out. I would pass because I've watched too many folks here ignore small stuff that then tripped the person up on the outside and they end up violating parole and then they're back in prison. I do not want to do another bid. I do not want police in my house, investigators calling me in, I don't need that kind of attention. If I accept, or worse encourage, the behaviour now, I have zero grounds to be mad when they keep breaking the rules on the streets.

And I'm MWI, so I am sympathetic to the rush of feelings. I get that part. But that rush fades, hun, and when it fades it fades hard.
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