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Originally Posted by Summerlove92 View Post
Lack of positive role models, home environment,deep issues of shame, pain,anger, that may fuel addictions that result in criminal behavior, mental health issues,many sociopaths,some have no conscience and just don't care,some are institutionalized and truly cannot cope or maintain long term employment so they are comfortable in prison,some are just broken human beings, some were so severely abused they truly cannot love themselves or others. Most in prison have deep issues that if not resolved will just continue to perpetuate the same criminal and hurtful behavior towards themselves or others. Many women believe their "love" can save a broken man. While everyone does need love, no human can fix another human being. I believe in the power of God but the person also has to do their fair share of hard work and get help,many times long term help and if they don't, sadly it becomes a cycle of poor choices and behavior.

I am going through this/seeing this with mine as we speak. Nothing to add except i've never since joining here said i can and shall "save a broken messed up young man or any age."You're right on that. I see that many times in the advocate work i do,and inmates wives, fiancee/girlfriends and i know you're just not able to "save a guy in or out of prison."Even if mine always tell me, "You've saved me."I kept telling him,don't say that."
I already know this is truth. Great post and icam. Time will tell what will happen with us, as i pray for him at church today as in the yes, power of GOD does exist, but as i said in new threads, he has to do his share/be strong and realize it before it is too late.Following the "weak" negative life in his "hood" shall get him right back inside. But he has to live with his own choices, as he has ZERO reason to not realize and make the right ones. Adios y' feliz ano nuevo!(happy new year to all here at wonderful PTO support site) hugs -n- blessings.
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