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Had this been a few months ago, I'd have given him stamps for sure. Whenever I think I'm not doing well with regards to him, I notice little things like this that make me realize I HAVE learned to behave differently.

And thank you . I'm more leery about meeting her in public than I am at our house because he's a lurker. Any time we were out in public and he had me doing something (pan handling, getting "snipes," going to the store, etc) or when I had to go to court, he was always lurking a block or two away. Just watching and waiting.

I just found out yesterday from my Mom that when I got out of court (she had showed up at the initial hearing. This was back in 2016), he sent her a few not very nice texts after seeing us outside the courthouse together. He already knows where we live, and thankfully we're not on the bus line. It's a 45~ minute walk from the nearest bus stop to our house. If I were to tell his Mother that he's not allowed on the property, she wouldn't let him ride here. Even if he got out at the end of the street, she wouldn't. He's her son, yes, but she's rather respectful of the mother of his children.

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