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OK, the truth behind the Shakedown...When a unit goes on lockdown, all inmates are told to rack up, meaning on their assigned bunk..The water to the dorm is turned off, prior to them knowing off the lockdown...I have never seen or heard of a cavity search being done on a lockdown, besides medical had to do those..On my unit we take the inmates, and all their belongings out onto a rec yard, they come to the table 1 at a time and there stuff is gone through, anything that is contraband is taken..The offender is then strip searched, givin his clothing back and sent to the other side of the yard to wait to be let back inside the dorm. A female officer can strip search a male if a male is present, also if there is no male officer available and depending on the reasaons...Most lockdowns last less than a week, the offenders are few 'Johnnies", which have pb$j, burrito, bologna sandwiches, sometimes crackers in them...they get a shower every 24hrs.....thats about it, any questions feel free to ask me, i have worked for TDCJ since 2001 and have been about 20 of these things..
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