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Originally Posted by Texasfem
NAIL POUNDER, Will most inmates go through the shake downs and is this very common in TDC? Now I have so much more to worry about where my son is concerned. Do you think it is possible it's best he stays in County for the duration of his sentnce not that we have any controll over that where he goes or stays, but I am starting to believe it might be the safest route.
All TDCJ prisoners go through shakedowns. usually they conduct a major shakedown of an entire unit at least twice a year, more often than that if there's a riot, stabbing or some other major incident. Since your son has a trusty job in county, he might just prefer it to TDCJ. I can't think that TDCJ could be any worse than Harris County Jail. In fact, with what I've heard about Harris County, TDCJ would be the better of the two in most instances. That's just my opinion.
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