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Originally Posted by nicolette730 View Post
hello i don't know if i posted in her already, if i have im going to again, we started in Berlin, then went to concord, then back to berlin, we are currently in cambridge MA till the 26th then back to concord for 10 days, then back to Berlin 3.5 hours away from me
Hi nicolette, I just checked back through this thread and didn't find where you posted here already. In the future if you're not sure or you want to look back at the previous postings of any thread, you'll find the current and past page numbers on the top or bottom right hand side of any page. Just click on any page number you want. In this particular thread, we are on page 8.
I'm sorry that you're transfering back and fourth so many times. I hope things settle down for the both of you soon. Three and a half hours is a long way to travel, especially in the winter time. If you can't travel for visits as much as you'd like, writing letters and sending cards is the next best thing! I have to tell you first hand, there is absolutely nothing better behind the wall in prison, than to hear ones name being called at mail-call.

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