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Originally Posted by LaurenMartin View Post
Hi everyone, my boyfriend just got sent to valley street jail. any info would be appreciated! I am so worried about him and I don't know what that jail is like AT ALL. I have heard some horrible things... Please message me!
Welcome to PTO, you've come to the right place for support. I'm sorry that you and your boyfriend are going through this, but I am very glad you found us! Valley Street is not a very good stop. In fact it's one of the worse in the State. It wouldn't be right to sugar-coat the truth about this, it's just the way it is. If he doesn't have any health problems and he can stay out of trouble by serving his own time, then he should be ok.
Below are two links from the NH PTO forum that talk about the Valley Street jail conditions. He (your bf) really needs to hear from you often. Write, write, write...Cards and letters are like diamonds in a place like that, especially from family and loved-ones. I'm sure he'll call as often as possible and/or fianances allow.
Here is the Valley Street jail web site;
And below are the links I mentioned above;
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