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Default It's been 8 months :)

Sorry I haven't been on to give an update it's been pretty crazy. Anyway things have been going great. My husband has four no the left on parole. He has an amazing parole officer. He started off with reporting twice a month and now he's down to once a month no drops. He has a really great job and they love him there. He's a hard worker. They want him to take a class and teach others so he's happy about that and so am I because it's more money. We are starting the process to buy a house so that's exciting Other then that everything is pretty normal. We've been to New York twice since he's been home and going again in late July. We've had some downs but nothing to serious....we are a very strong couple and can pretty much get through anything. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm gonna try to be on here more. Talk to everyone soon.
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