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Originally Posted by kellydavid410 View Post
I was wondering if anyone knew, when you apply and your husband is incarcerated, which address do you use because obviously you are not living with him. Also will emails and visits and mail be enough proof? Thanks everyone
Hi there - have you read through this thread? Probably you have but just in case Lots of invaluable information in there.

You (both) will use your own true address when you go through the Visa application process

If I remember correctly you've mentioned in other threads that you're planning on visiting him for the first time later on this year & getting married next year? Keep everything on file for yourself for the application process; e-mails, travel documents from all your visits to him, possible photos during your visit, your phone records (with him and his family plus his friends if you are in touch with them). I would take the approach that whatever proof you can collect in order to show the authenticity & length of your relationship and then your marriage, it can't hurt

Be sure also to read about the co-sponsor issue if that applies to you

jordan321 - where did you immigrate from & when? Just curious because the U.S. Consulate interviews may vary depending on which country you are doing them in. You also mention you were told during the interview that your interaction could be seen as legit by the person who interviewed you at the Consulate; your husband-to-be was there too? Hopefully I am not misunderstanding kellydavid410 here but I believe she's asking about the application forms you fill in for the spousal Visa process and subsequent interview (when the person you have married is incarcerated in the U.S. and she herself is a foreigner and still living abroad). The incarcerated person will definitely not participate in the interview at the foreign person's local U.S. Consulate....then again, perhaps your route was different?

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