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Originally Posted by Zelda50 View Post
There are the general conditions of post-prison supervision, which apply to those on transitional leave and then there may be some special conditions as well. And, depending on the county, the person on transitional leave may be required to participate in a weekly group meeting with all AIP folks and their P.O. or something like that. I believe that, in Lane County, all AIP folks on transitional leave are required to live at Sponsors Re-Entry program.
I am on transitional leave right now. If he had a drug related crime then he will have to go to outpatient treatment and call that facility daily to see if his number is called for a UA. He will have to look for a job. Stay clean and out of trouble. If he can't wait to start smoking meth, shooting heroin and pounding 211 40's while driving around in a stolen Honda then it probably won't work out for him. If he stays clean and works on finding a job and takes his treatment classes then he will be fine. It's all up to him
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