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Originally Posted by Oliver&Elsie View Post
Hi nygirl17, it is such a relief to be on here finally talking about an approaching release date. I have been in this relationship for almost a year now, I have known my man for 11 years now and we reconnected his 2nd year into prison. He is Talladega FCI and he is supposed to be graduating from the "Rdap" program at the beginning of December and being released shortly thereafter. He would be released by February 2018 at the latest. In my opinion, I have found it to be harder NOW versus when this whole thing began because our feelings have grown stronger for each other and we have planned this whole life together for once he is out here. I have a very busy schedule as it is, I am in a graduate program and I am director at my company so my career keeps me busy. I have noticed though it is hardest for me to say goodbye now at the end of visitations and after we hang up on the phone. I find myself crying sometimes randomly because he is not here and I have such strong feelings for him. I really just try to focus on making my situation the best it can a way using all of my time to prepare for his arrival. That means keeping my body in tip top condition so he is coming home to a dime piece. I use this time as motivation...especially now that we are down to the wire. We constantly write throughout the day using the CorrLinks app so we are in communication 24/7. I would say though honestly my biggest stress relief is exercise because it helps me to relax and then in return it is helping me stay fit for when he gets here
Yes it's best to keep yourself as busy as possible. I to find it getting harder as we fet closer and so does he. We hate to say good bye to each other it's pretty depressing. Just stay positive and the time will go fast.
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