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Smile GF of Rdap Inmate

Originally Posted by WilsAngel View Post
Mines is scheduled to get off 11/2020, however, he is starting RDAP in the upcoming weeks and is telling me with successful completion, he'll get out into a half way house next April. I believe max half way house time is a year, i may be wrong. Nonetheless, the time isn't adding up....this a federal case. Please chime in.
That is great! My guy is about to graduate the Rdap program! This program is a God send and our men are lucky to be able to be a part of it! He has made tremendous progress over the past 10 months being in this program, I have known him for 11 years and he has changed more so in the past 10 months then some people do in joke! Let me know if you have any questions because I would be happy to answer! Also, if you would like, go on YouTube and type in "Rdap Dan", and this guy is a successful graduate/ex inmate of this program and he gives advice and encouragement to family members of inmates in the program.
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