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"until Ms. Slemmers family can finally come to peace and Christa is put to death"

It saddens me that a family could find PEACE in someone's death. That is very sad for them if that is true - what a way to heal - watching someone die. I'm not even going to go into the mentality of that one.....

No one is 100% purely evil. They may be mentally ill, A LOT evil, on and on, but there IS good in everyone - even if it is a very small part. It doesn't mean they're safe in society or anything like that, don't get me wrong. However......Obviously one of the posters above sees that small part - the good part. She is to be commended for looking at a sick human being and recognizing the good that is also there.

As a deathrow inmate said, once you have committed such a heinous crime, no good you ever did before or will ever do again, will be recognized. You will just forevermore be a monster. How sad.

If/when she is put to death, I hope the family can forgive themselves someday for the joy they got out of it.