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Default Nevada

The divisionís administrative offices, including the offices of all three executives, are located in the departmentís central offices at:

5500 Snyder Avenue, Carson City, Nevada 89701
775-887-3392 Phone
775-887-3262 Fax

The divisionís medical director, Dr. Ted DíAmico, supervises the clinical staff and operations.

The mental health director, currently a vacant position, oversees the divisionís mental health programs.

The divisionís medical administrator manages fiscal and support services.

The Medical Division of the Nevada Department of Corrections is a large and complex division with statewide responsibilities for multiple programs, services, and activities. These responsibilities include management of a $30,000,000 budget, administrative oversight of approximately 325 employees, provision of medical services to an inmate population of approximately 9000, and supervision of clinical and administrative services at seven facilities and 10 camps located throughout the state. The Medical Divisionís budget accounts for approximately 20% of the $155 million budget for the department. The Medical Divisionís budget is larger than 18 agency budgets including the Gaming Control Board, Attorney General, Legislative Counsel Bureau, and the Department of Taxation. The Medical Division budget would be comparable to the Department of Information Services.