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Originally Posted by scenekidseena View Post
I am still in love with him and i won't proceed with a divorce and a subpoena until I hear from him his family won't tell me where he is and I have already had a heart attack and went to hospital since I'm still legally his spouse how can I find out where he is through parole or what I need to know.

just please chica, focus on 1 thing and that es ...
Y-O-U.Hugs and Blessings sent your way.

I can't imagine having a heart attack like that,because of some dude.I pray he realize the wonderful woman he is losing,and causing so much pain..If not,MOVE ON.


: Was the attack on your heart due to him,and how old are both of you and how long you're dating/married to him?That's so sad.
I pray for you. PM me anytime, if you're needing support off board and by way of a pm.I am here for you.

He clearly has:

1.)Moved on.
2.)Doesn't care 4-u, or about you or your health(especially)how you're doing each day of your life,without him.
3.)Simply is a jerk who does not deserve you.

We, at PTO support forum can't force you to see what we, the majority see.
You're going to have to see it on your own,and i understand you're still pining for him/IN LOVE,pero chica, you have to think about your own happiness/health,as life is way too short not to.Hoping you're going to have a much better new year without him causing you so much stress. IF MEANT TO BE later, it'll be. But, meanwhile get well, enjoy your life. I know i would. #NMIWI( no man) is worth it.
God bless.Adios.
#TAAS (there are always signs,so DON'T ignore them)

Lead with your MIND + not your heart.
CONSISTENCY,communication"is key.Without action, it just isn't real...

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