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Default My man is out of prison & has a cell phone.Also has weed in HWH #SMDH

Feliz Nuevo Ano 2018(happy new year's)to PTO'ers,to everyone and i pray for you all good souls to have healthy productive blessed days and nights in 2018 and less drama, less stress and more good fortune,on all positive levels.


I am not wired like many who i've met, and that mean i am not falling apart from the seams when you're reading so keep that in mind. Disappointed sure. However, I know from here on in what to do and that is stay focus on me, my great Godly-positive wonderful healthy good life and what will be, will be."Que'sera ...Sera.(What will be, will be ...)Life is too short not to think this way."
Now, some here who follow my threads/post know mi story. I will just share what has happened most recent and i've added a poll.(Serious query)

Would you break up/leave your partner if:

  1. If you're learning he got a cell phone in prison/halfway house,against the rules, policies,that are clearly on each facility entrance/wall/door just about where he sleep/eat at at this facility(has to do months there)prior to being released to me,the house we plan to share, and it says, "You will risk going back to prison IF caught with a CELL PHONE and or use of illegal substance."
  2. If she or he is on PAROLE/PROBATION and yet RISKING going back now to prison.
  3. If he has been doing things he is not supposed to be doing inside or out of prison, such as SMOKING 7 days a week;using drugs,weed, doing illegal things while just being free from 2 to 4 weeks or so,without any regards for all that is good in life, that the lord blessed you with."
  4. Other...(please comment below, thank you.)

I just learned recently that my loved one, the man i love and care for deeply engaged/bff we are for several years now, calls me after work and says, "Sweetness, I got a cell phone." My face literally dropped and he is saying it as in "whispering on the collect/pre-paid GTL phone call line."He then says to me, "Did you hear me,Bebe."I got a new cell, out of the second paycheck a week ago, when i offer you 1/2 most of my paycheck and i just bought one Sweetness."I will call you later from the # okay? So, you can have it now." I was well, quite speechless and i feel bad he is now risking his freedom and I however told those close to me who said, "What an idiot."Why do you need a cell phone when you're NOT supposed to have one, and it is clear as day you're going to violate, and be sent back when you're caught with it? He did tell me prior to coming home, "Sometimes, i feel better in prison."I am afraid of the outside and "without you, Sweetness, i will fail." If i lose you, i am going right back to the "same criminal-life"fast money, weed, drugs, the same way i was from age 12 throughout 18, then adult prison 18 to 29 years old. Again, i did not know he was doing anything but to go to work at night til' 5 in the morning. That's it. and waitingfor our weekend nights together and sharing our goals and interacting much as humanly possible by keeping ALL negative out of his life, til he can transfer to me. I see the bad area/same area he did much crime at, is catching up to him and it's sad. However, i am not comfortable knowing all this and i have not really spoke to him as much this week. I recall warning his new counselor of this prior to coming out.People at his old prison were always offering him "going home weed and pills,drugs, "as a going home present after almost 11 years in, and he said no,however did admit he use it once or "twice."SMH
I told them i will NOT be part of any criminal anything with that phone.I don't even want him calling me from it,EVER." Even if it is as i am hearing a "burner phone/one of those un-traceable pre-paid phones, i do not want want anything at all to do with him going back to prison, in the new year."I am deeply disappointed in him, that he is falling already so weak to the "game" in the street, and doing things he is feasibly not supposed to be doing.I learned he is also smoking ALOT of marijuana/weed as it is "so easy he says to get in prison but MORE easy to get in a shelter/halfway house that is in his old area in the "hood"as he put it."He is smoking weed/marijuana regularly and has his burner phone/cell phone as he calling it."I don't gotta ask anyone here is he doing crime again and his "old ways."He clearly is,and doesn't want to tell me.I was so happy for 1 month almost he was doing well or as some say, "or he just wanted me to think it."He offer me his paycheck each week or 1/2 of it again for this week but we have not really talk much since i learned all of this days ago. I would love your feedback and i've added a new poll. and he is old enough almost in his thirties to know what he is risking so i do NOT make any excuses for him, and i am continually living my good life because i will not settle "for any nonsense" as i have always said here." I feel just disappointed at all he is risking to lose but i will be fine. He is so weak,(again)and i am sure he is allowing others to yep, lead him down one-way path,as they ALL seen how happy and truly happy he was with me in his every day life.Now?He is in the same bad area he did so much dirt in since pre-teen 12,and up and shared all hard-core drugs and marijuana daily at 12 with his own mother who is still an addict.He talked daily IN PRISON about "never letting all this happen to him."Not being dumb,and not getting a cell phone in prison or HWH,
#TAAS (there are always signs,so DON'T ignore them)

Lead with your MIND + not your heart.
CONSISTENCY,communication"is key.Without action, it just isn't real...

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